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4 Reasons to Install Casement Windows in Your Home

Posted on July 10, 2015.

Casement windows are one of the most popular styles of house windows in Raleigh. They will provide your home with a modern, clean look that you will love. Once installed, the interior and exterior of your home will look better. The following are four reasons why people choose casement windows for their home.

1 – Difficult to Break Into

The locks on casement windows are hook-shaped. Each hook is embedded into the frame, so intruders cannot touch them. As a result, they are extremely difficult to break into. Whether you have young children or are concerned about your safety, this style of window is ideal.

2 – Fully Open

The entire window moves when you open casement windows. In fact, casement windows open more than must other window options. A fixed window does not open at all. Sliding windows tend to only open on one side. The other side of a sliding window is often fixed. Double hung windows usually have one part that opens, but rarely both. There are even windows that only crack partially. On the other hand, a casement window swings completely open, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors when you are inside your home.

3 – Few to No Muntins

Several homeowners like windows that have little or no muntins. The muntin is the strip of fiberglass, metal, wood, or vinyl that divides the window into panes. With casements, there are fewer muntins. Sometimes there are no muntins at all, creating an unobstructed view.

4 – Catch Side Breezes

Another great thing about casement house windows in Raleigh is that they catch the side breezes that move along your house. The open sash works as a flap and it helps funnel air into your home. This can help you feel more comfortable in your home and use less energy.

There are several different styles of house windows in Raleigh you can choose for your home. Most people choose to install at least a few casement windows.