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Durable, Beautiful Fiber Cement Siding is the Next Big Thing in Home Exteriors

Posted on June 30, 2015.

Vinyl siding has had a long and successful history as a protective exterior for American homes, but the facts of its construction do put certain limitations on it. While there was a time that these limitations were worthwhile trade-offs that made vinyl attractive and cost-effective, time does march forward, and new options that combine the best of all worlds have sprung up to take its place. One of the most recent additions to this area of home design and construction is durable fiber cement siding.


Cement siding is what it sounds like: durable, cement-based siding that provides protection through both thickness and strength. Unlike older forms of cement, fiber options flex a bit to help resist cracking as they age by moving with the weather changes the way that vinyl or wood can. At the same time, though, fiber siding is more durable than either of those offerings, but it still looks like slatted siding.


While many homeowners are unfamiliar with it, this new form of siding has been around for a few years now, and after millions of installations nationwide, the facts on fiber cement siding have come in:

  • Remodelers Magazine cited it as the most cost effective siding solution for the eighth year in a row in 2012-13.
  • Being five times thicker than vinyl siding means it is also much more resistant to hail damage.
  • Looks and feels like natural wood.

In addition to those facts, finding the right installation professionals and the right brand of siding can mean gaining other benefits, like a warranty that helps to protect your investment

Vibrant Color That Holds

The last thing to remember is that the colors of your new siding are designed to really hold fast. Where other materials need to be regularly repainted, repaired, or power washed to retail their appearance, the color of your fiber cement siding will be baked into the building materials, helping it to stay vibrant for longer and ensuring that your home’s exterior looks like new for years to come.