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Get the Most Out of Your Vinyl Windows

Posted on August 19, 2015.

Casement, double-hung, or sliding - you have lots of options when it comes to new windows for your home. If you’re looking to choose a vinyl finish for your home improvement project, look no further than the OKNA Enviro-Star Series. These top-quality, energy efficient windows are durable and offer layered protection to optimize climate control. Here are a few ways to showcase your new OKNA windows in Raleigh.

Slide Into More Savings

The style of window you choose is largely based on personal preference. Some homeowners like the ability to let in lots of fresh air, while others prefer sashes that open vertically or frames that can tilt. For some homes, specialty and custom options will be the best solution. Working with a qualified contractor helps to ensure that your new windows will meet your needs and fit the style of your living space.

Get Creative With Treatments

OKNA windows in Raleigh are ideal to optimize energy efficiency during the hot summer months and cooler winter weather. While it’s important for a window to look good from the outside, the interior design also matters. Choosing the right treatments for your new windows helps showcase their elegant lines while contributing to the scheme of your home.

  • Add elements of texture with tie-backs made of materials like wood, ceramic or glass.
  • Replace extra-long draperies with floor-length treatments, eliminating pools of fabric on the floor.
  • Choose bold hues and patterns, or selects multiple shades to hang on the same frame.
  • Look for gossamer sheers that are interwoven with textured threads for a unique look and feel.

If your mind is set on a vinyl finish, the Enviro-Star Series from OKNA is an easy choice. While some vinyl’s crack and warp, OKNA windows in Raleigh guarantee against corrosion, blistering, warping and cracking. With technology to reduce condensation and a charming look reminiscent of the wooden frames of earlier generations, these vinyl windows provide a level of quality that stands the test of time.