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New Windows Install in Raleigh Puts Older Homes in a Whole New Energy Efficiency Perspective

Posted on August 8, 2015.

One of the truly wonderful things about living in the Research Triangle area is that many of the homes here are quite beautiful, regardless of the era in which they were built. While some of the homes are quite new and modern, many represent bygone times. These homes offer glimpses into the past with windows that provide unique frames and lenses through which to perceive the world outside as well. When those spectacles become more interesting to look at due to damage or poor efficiency than they are to look through, homeowners should consider professionals to help with their new windows install in Raleigh and neighboring communities.

Older homes may be quite lovely to behold. In this area, for instance, the Queen Anne and Victorian styles are prevalent still in many neighborhoods. Well over a hundred years old, they feature some rare elements, including real wood window frames and bubbled, oily, or swirly glasses. In fact, if you know anyone with a penchant for older homes, you may have enjoyed quite a few conversations regarding the unique appearances of the panes that fill old wood frames in these homes. Many home restoration aficionados will go to great lengths to secure just the right panes for their older homes. While that hard work is admirable, in the end their decision to maintain what was faulty about their pre-insulated windows’ craftsmanship translates to high loss of both energy and money.

Poorly insulated windows act as easy penetration points for the permeation of radiant heat from the sun and escape of heat that has been conducted within the home. This means that in the summer, homes without energy efficient windows will be too hot, and in the winter they will be too cold. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that the best mode for improving that money-draining situation is to implement an upgrade for a new windows install in Raleigh.

Having new windows installed in your older home will not hinder its historic value. Rather, it is the perfect way to make your old home the most hospitable and comfortable place in the whole neighborhood.