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Wake Up Your House With Windows

Posted on March 14, 2015.

Replacement Windows for Your Home

The windows on your home can have a large impact. Aesthetically, they can complement the design of house. Practically, they can make a significant difference in your electric bills. There are three main types of frames on the market today: wood, vinyl and fiberglass windows. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Wood casings are the oldest, having been around for centuries. Wood is a natural insulator, so they can prevent cool winter air and hot summer heat from entering your home. They have a long lifespan, but they do require regular upkeep. If you neglect to maintain them, they will weather. While theycan be a beautiful option, they are also the most expensive one in initial costs.

Vinyl mountsare by far the most popular, mainly due to their low cost. Quality ones are excellent at keeping out extreme temperatures. They are only limited by the color options, which are minimal. They are considered quite durable, although the material can expand and contract which may lead to leaks.

Fiberglass windows are the most recent entry into the market, but they are making steady headway. They are made from material that is similar to car bumpers and have the accompanying strength and endurance. The pieces are made by mixing glass fibers into a resin. The resultant material is strong and quite heat resistant, so they are particularly useful in hot climates.

The makeup makes them nearly impervious to frame expansion and contraction: when temperatures soar or dip, the window can keeptheir integrity. That means no cracks and gaps that can let unwanted air inside your house.

They look similar to wood and likewise can be painted any color. While they do require some maintenance, it is far less than real wood.Also, fiberglass should not rot or become discolored.

When choosing window replacements, consider the curb appeal they will bring your home. Wood, vinyl and fiberglass windows each have their own benefits to best suit your needs.