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5 Signs it’s Time for New Siding

Although replacing your home’s siding may not seem very important, it is indeed crucial to ensure that it is intact. Many homeowners may not even consider such a replacement until an urgent problem arises. The issue here is that when something serious does occur, further damage can take place to your home that can end up costing more money in the long run. So how can you tell when it’s time for new siding? Lucky for homeowners, there are specific signs to look for that can indicate new siding is needed. A professional will be able to assist you in determining the need for new siding installation in Raleigh.


If you take a look at your home’s siding and see that the layers have begun become soft, warp or rot away, it is definitely time for a siding replacement before any further damage occurs.

Often Need for Home Painting

If you find that you need to paint your home frequently, maybe every five years or so, there may be a problem with your current siding that calls for a replacement. Peeling and chipping are never good signs.

Interior Paint and Wallpaper Are Peeling

These issues can indicate siding that is not functioning properly. Faulty siding allows moisture to come through and cause problems with your paper and paint. This can mean that your walls are suffering some significant damage.


If you notice holes in your siding, this can mean insects have found their way through. The insects themselves can be a problem as well as the holes they made. Moisture and water can now enter through the holes and begin to cause water damage.

Mold and Fungus

Check your siding to see if mold or fungus are growing. This is a sign that water is entering and will eventually lead to further issues.

Just like other aspects of your home, siding will eventually need to be replaced. Now that you know some signs, you can be sure when it’s time to take action. Hiring a professional for your new siding installation in Raleigh will greatly ease your concerns and ensure the job is done well.