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When is it Time to Replace a Home’s Siding?

Your Raleigh NC siding is an important aspect of your home. It plays a large role in your house’s visual appeal, and it can even insulate your home to keep the inside the perfect temperature. Getting new siding may not always be at the top of your mind, but there are certain warning signs you should look out for that indicate it is time to replace your siding. Indicators may not always be as apparent as large cracks. Sometimes they will be more subtle, but you should always ensure that your home’s siding is effective.

Mildew, Fungus and Mold

Take a look at the seams in the siding. Is there any mold or mildew developing? If there is, that is a clear sign that water is seeping through and being held within the wall. Although fungus growth may not always be cause for alarm, it is a sign that you should investigate further. If water is penetrating the walls of your home, you will also notice the interior wallpaper and paint starting to peel.

Constantly Having to Paint

Good siding should be able to maintain its color for at least a decade, so if you are finding that you have to re-paint your home once every five years or so, then it is a sign that something is not working. Look out for any cracks or chips that could be compromising the integrity of the siding.


Holes within siding generally indicate that bugs have gotten into the walls. This can be an annoyance if insects get too far inside your home, but it also allows rain, snow and moisture to enter the walls. This can ultimately lead to some costly repairs.

If you notice a problem with your Raleigh NC siding, get it fixed right away. Waiting could result in more extensive and more expensive repair work in the long run. Keep an eye out for any issues, and hire a skilled contractor when you need new siding.