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Raleigh Windows Replacement

The Top 3 Types of Replacement Windows and How to Choose

Researching Raleigh windows replacement can be a headache. The 3 most popular replacement window types are vinyl, aluminum and fiberglass. In order for you to make a decision you have to do a little bit of research in order to understand what windows are best for you. Here are some important details that may be able to help you choose which is best for you.


Vinyl windows can come in many different finish options, but they are not paintable. This can make it hard to match colors if you have to replace only one window. Vinyl windows can be made to look like wood windows. If the paint is scratched it will be hard to notice because similar materials are used throughout the frame.

Aluminum windows can be painted, but when the paint is scratched it will be quite obvious. Aluminum frames also tend to be thinner and come in bigger sizes, which can be great for commercial buildings.

Fiberglass comes in many finishing options. Like vinyl windows their color can be baked-in, but they are still paintable.

Strength and Durability

Vinyl windows are not strong, but they are durable. They resist scratches, corrosion and cracks.

Aluminum windows are strong and somewhat durable. They resist scratches and cracks, but are quite vulnerable to corrosion.

Fiberglass is also a very strong window, and very durable. Like vinyl they are resistant to scratches, corrosion and cracks.


Vinyl windows are good at creating less condensation and minimizing heat transfer, but they do not reduce noise that well. They also can be a pain to recycle.

Aluminum windows are great at keeping noise out of the house, but they cause a lot of condensation and aren’t great insulators. Aluminum windows can be recycled easily.

Fiberglass windows are great insulators, and quite efficient. They can be recycled, but maybe not as easily as aluminum.


Vinyl windows tend to be the cheapest option.

Aluminum can be cheap if you get low quality windows; otherwise these windows tend to be expensive.

Fiberglass windows are more expensive than vinyl.


Now that you have some information about Raleigh windows replacement, you have to continue the research and find the best windows for your home improvement project.