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Window FAQ

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What is thermal expansion?

Thermal expansion refers to how much a material expands and contracts as the temperature changes. Here is why it is important in windows for Raleigh NC:

Vinyl expands and contracts a lot compared to glass. This means that over time, gaps and leaks develop between the frame and the glass in vinyl windows. Fiberglass as a material has a very low thermal expansion, making it a more durable, superior choice for replacement windows in Raleigh NC.

Why do you recommend Infinity by Marvin windows?

The short answer is we think it is the best window value on the market. It costs more than typical vinyl windows, but the durability, warranty, and beauty make it a better overall choice.

Infinity by Marvin windows have deep, rich grains that enhance the appearance of your home. The finish is up to three times thicker than competitive finishes and has superior resistance to discoloration, scratching, and denting. Marvin windows for Raleigh are tight and clean, with mechanically-bonded corners and narrow frames to maximize your view.

Are your windows energy efficient?

Yes. One of the best reasons to perform a window replacement in Raleigh NC is to save money on energy bills. Especially over the last 10 years, there have been technological advances that make today’s windows far better than windows of the past.

We also would never install cheap windows that are wasteful because that would only cost our customers more money over time.

Do your windows come with a warranty?

Yes. Besides our 10 year Labor Warranty, our windows come with a Lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

Our most popular choice, Infinity by Marvin, has a rock-solid Lifetime warranty on the window and a 20 year warranty on the glass. Marvin has been around for 100+ years – they are the kind of company you can count on to be there to stand behind all their products.

Can I get a payment plan to make my window replacement easier to afford?

Yes, we have financing options and make it very easy to apply. Many homeowners are more comfortable finding a payment that fits nicely in their monthly budget, instead of paying for the project all at once.

For more information on payment plans for replacement windows in Raleigh NC, please click here to visit our Financing page.

How long will it take to get my new windows installed?

Most window replacement projects can be done in a day or less. During your consultation, we can give you an answer based on your specific situation.

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