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Introducing The Most Air-Tight,
Durably-Constructed Vinyl Windows
On The Market Today:

OKNA Windows For Raleigh NC

These Terrific Windows Are:

  • VERY Energy Efficient
  • Constructed For Rock-Solid Durability
  • Elegant, Precise & Beautiful

window replacement

When it comes to vinyl windows for Raleigh NC, there is an extremely wide variety of quality available on the market. This can be good for homeowners, because high quality and value options are out there.

But this can also be bad for homeowners, because there are some vinyl windows that look like cheap plastic and are very poor in terms of energy efficiency.

You can sometimes tell these poor windows by their unrealistically low prices – but not always. Unfortunately, some will sell you a mediocre window and charge you quite a bit for it.

Why We Recommend The Enviro-Star Series from OKNA

While we typically recommend fiberglass windows as the best overall value in replacement windows in Raleigh NC, we know that some of our customers want vinyl. We have carefully sifted through the options and can confidently recommend The Enviro-Star Series from OKNA. This is OKNA’s top-of-the-line window, and one of the most energy-efficient windows for Raleigh.

Here is a list of highlights:

  • Exceeds ENERGY STAR requirements
  • Most air-tight vinyl windows available
  • Durable, precision-welded frame corners
  • Advanced glass coating ClimaGuard™ has 11 layers that provide optimal climate control
  • Warm edge technology and insulating frames significantly reduces condensation
  • Old world look and feel creates an amazing look inside and out

The Value Option From OKNA

One of the best things about OKNA is that ALL the windows they manufacture are excellent. That is why we confidently offer Precision Weld Windows, too. These windows are OKNA’s most modestly priced line and a very solid choice.

If budget considerations stop you from selecting our premium choices, this is still a high-quality option for vinyl replacement windows in Raleigh NC.

OKNA Quality And Warranty

At Raleigh Windows and Siding we are downright fanatical when it comes to quality. But we also realize that it isn’t just about our installation standards – it is also about the companies that manufacture the products we install.

We love OKNA windows for Raleigh NC because the company holds themselves to the highest manufacturing standards and offers the best warranties.The Limited Lifetime Warranty guarantees that the vinyl will never crack, warp, corrode, or blister.

Of course, we will provide you your warranty IN WRITING, so you will get peace of mind.

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