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A Message from Owner Bruce Forster:

I strongly believe that anything worth doing is worth doing right. The first time.

From top to bottom, I insist that everyone in my organization be dedicated to excellence. This is especially true when it comes to siding and window installation in Raleigh. After all, if a home improvement doesn’t install products to the highest standards, why would they even be in this business!

I spent the early part of my career in finance and engineering, and I learned the absolute value of precision, high standards, and attention to detail. I brought those principles to the home improvement industry and my customers tell me they love it.

I welcome homeowners that hold us to the highest installation standards – that’s what we demand of ourselves already. Here is what you can expect from Raleigh Windows & Siding:

A 10 Year Labor Warranty

A lot of window and siding contractors in Raleigh offer a 1 year labor warranty – and a few offer a 5 year labor warranty. Many offer none at all.

We’re different. We offer a full 10 Year Labor Warranty against defects or issues caused by poor installation or workmanship. I feel fully confident offering this warranty because of the quality of our work. This labor warranty is in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty on the product.

Experienced, Polite Crews

My crews are well-trained, with a neat appearance and polite behavior. They are there to do the job and do it right, while respecting you and your property.

For example, since we install siding and windows for Raleigh, we often find ourselves working in and around flower beds and other landscaping. We are aware of how important it is to tread carefully. My team also cleans up after we are finished. Of course, if any damage were to occur, we would make it right.

We Meet Or Exceed Highest Manufacturer Standards

Not all homeowners realize that manufacturers have specific standards and guidelines for proper installation of their products. Some window and siding contractors in Raleigh choose to cut corners to save on labor or material costs.

That’s not us. We meet or exceed the recommended installation standards on all our products. I don’t allow shortcuts. Period.

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