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Windows 101: Choosing the Most Cost Effective and Reliable Window For Your Home

Quality windows are an important factor in the value, energy efficiency, and the appearance of your home. Finding replacement windows that combine high quality and high value is possible if you understand some basic principles of window construction and design. Especially if you need replacement windows in Raleigh or any other place that has periods of high heat or cold, good windows can save you a lot of money.

Energy Efficient Windows Help You Save on Your Energy Bills

If you live in an area with rain, snow, or high heat, you will want to choose a window that will insulate your home and save you money. You might think that insulation keeps in the heat only, but a good insulated window will prevent the extremes of temperatures from entering your home, whether it is the cold or the heat. Some of the best choices for energy efficient window frame materials are fiberglass and wood. When combined with properly sealed doubled-paned glass, either fiberglass or wood will provide a high level of energy savings, up to 30% savings per month on your energy bill. Another commonly used material for window frames is vinyl because of its low price and durability. Although not as energy efficient as fiberglass or wood, vinyl can be a great option if you select a higher-end window model. By investing in energy efficient windows, you can also feel confident in that you are helping to protect the environment.

Energy Efficient Windows Save You in The Long Run

Buying a quality window might cost you a little more upfront, but you will save much more than your initial investment through reduced energy bills. High quality windows will be built better and be more reliable. Additionally, if you choose to sell your home, high quality windows in Raleigh will greatly increase your curb appeal. Do not make the mistake of many homeowners that save a little upfront and pay for it later! Invest in cost effective, energy efficient windows for the future of your home.